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Oct 16, 2015 · Twenty years in the making! With a cast of thousands! Every Shadow magazine story is examined in detail... yes all 325 of them. Old fans, who read the original magazines, and new fans, who enjoy pulp reprints, now have access to detailed reviews of every single story. This book contains insights which can only come from reading the entire series... twice! • Reviews of all 325 pulp magazine ...

The Shadow pulps were reprinted starting in 2006 and continues today. History Novels #1-50 Novels ...
These pulp reprint copies are for the discriminating Shadow collector who wants to fill holes in their Shadow pulp collection bookshelf, but does not want to pay a King's ransom for them. These are all American First edition pulp reprints from the 1930's and '40's original vintage classics.
Also, Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books which has been doing an amazing job of reprinting Doc Savage and The Shadow is now starting to reprint the pulp version of Nick Carter. As opposed to the dime novel version.
Either way, the reprints are readily available, cheap, via eBay, ABEbooks, or any other used book site, etc. The original pulp is scarce and the Canadian digest-paperback version that I utilized is extremely rare. As a side note, I was surprised to learn that Faust and his assorted aliases have largely fallen into obscurity.
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Some editions of WEIRD TALES, both originals and reprints, can be found in the Pulp Magazines For Sale page. First issue, March 1923 . May 1923 . June 1923 . September 1923 . January 1924 . May 1924 . September 1926 . June 1928 . September 1928 . December 1928 . February 1930 . October 1933 . January 1935 . September 1937 . February 1939
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BOOTS No7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow Trio Classic Matte by Boots: 16,99€ 4: The Purple Eye: A "Dime Mystery Book" Thriller (Classic Pulp Reprints, Band 6) 19,04€ 5: Dawn Study (Study Series, Book 6) (English Edition) 3,59€ 6: The Shadow Rising: Book Four of 'the Wheel of Time' (Wheel of Time, Book 4) 35,95€ 7
Also, Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books which has been doing an amazing job of reprinting Doc Savage and The Shadow is now starting to reprint the pulp version of Nick Carter. As opposed to the dime novel version.
This is a reprint of two of Walter Gibson's The Shadow novels, The Living Shadow and The Black Hush. The first is the premiere The Shadow novel and as such has some variations from the later books in length and style. But it's a real corker.
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  • An offbeat Vampirella adventure, a handsome book on Victorian artist George Frederic Watts, a Krampus playing card set, a new Shadow pulp reprint, the first-ever Green Arrow Golden Age Omnibus, lots of great Neal Adams in Batman In The Brave and The Bold Bronze Age, a new Dick Tracy volume, and a new Digest Enthusiast. And more, of course.
  • Featuring the best in pulp fiction, pulp reprints including The Spider, Operator 5, Doc Savage, Tarzan, and hard-boiled detective fiction from Black Mask.
  • Here is a groovy golden age thriller from Jungle Comics #11 (Nov. 1940); published by Fiction House, with words & pictures by Fletcher Hanks [signed as Barcley Flagg]. When the ancient Egyptian mummy and scientist, Arco, uses his "Scarlet Shadow" to blind the jungle natives, he is punished by Fantomah, Mystery Woman of the Jungle.
  • The Shadow 14 Softcover Novel reprint (b10) Nostalgia Ventures. Maxwell Grant. Two Classic pulp Thrillers. The The shadow unmasks. The yellow band. Buy with confidence we are family owned business with over 10 years of experience selling online
  • The Shadow - Sanctum Reprints Series 124 primary works • 124 total works Reprints of the original stories in collected paperbacks printing two (or occasionally three) stories at a time, featuring bonus material and commentaries by Will Murray and Anthony Tollin.

Primary Pulp Sources and Reprints: Maxwell Grant (pseudonym for Walter B. Gibson who wrote the majority of the stories, as well as Theodore Tinsley and Bruce Elliott). The Shadow series. Robert Hogan. G-8 & his Battle Aces series. Brant House (pseudonym for Paul Chadwick, G.T. Fleming-Roberts, Arthur Leo Zagat and R.T.M. Scott).

SPECIAL BONUS COLLECTOR'S ITEMS include high-quality reproductions of the rare 1934 and 1937 Shadow giveaway premium photos, and an exclusive reprint of The Shadow of Wall Street, the legendary 1929 story that foreshadowed the pulp's greatest mystery man. This instant collector's item showcases all eight color pulp covers, the original interior ...The first issue of Pulp Action is devoted entirely to reprinting the Shadow daily, but subsequent issues began offering back-up stories not involving The Shadow in every issue. These Shadow strip reprints stopped with Pulp Action ' s eighth issue, before the story was complete.
Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books is the official home of reprints of The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Avenger and The Whisperer. Find out the latest on their reprint series, as well as order books or subscribe directly from the publisher.The Shadow Magazine The Shadow Magazine was the first, and arguably the best, of the "character hero" pulp magazines. Launched in 1931 it soon established a monthly schedule and then, in 1932, doubled that to a twice-monthly schedule, which it maintained for over 10 years, before dropping back to a monthly schedule in 1943.Shop AllPosters.com to find great deals on The Shadow - A Detective Monthly Posters for sale! We offer a huge selection of posters & prints online, with big discounts, fast shipping, and custom framing options you'll love.

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Pulp Reprints Vintage pulps reprinted. Doc Savage All the Doc Savage books including the James Bama variant covers. The Shadow Reprints of the classic Shadow adventures. Fiction Contemporary pulp fiction. Pulp Reference Historical, biographical, market-related, cover art collections, and overviews of the pulps.