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Dec 01, 2013 · The serial number on this rifle is M / 25105 (by convention, the slash is used to indicate a different line). Stratton (see list of references at the end of this post) stated that everywhere but at Enfield a given range of numbers was limited to five digits (Enfield limited its range to only four digits), so that when 99,999 was reached, the next series would begin with the letter "A" through ...

Dated 1916. This was probably made late 1915 as a Mark III rifle built by N.R.F. (National Rifle Factory) and assembled at Enfield during the 1916 change over to Mark III*. It has been fitted with the mag cut-off and the stock has a brass marker disk, it has been cut for the volley sight which has not been fitted.
What other markings are on the receiver - 1942 or later, etc. and any 'S' stamped small parts would indicate the parts are original Savage issue. It appears to have an elevation adjustable rear sight and, if so, it is most likely stamped FTR with a two digit date indicating it went through an armory update which would explain the later issue stock.
Ordnance mark on scabbard. With its sleek, subtly-faceted brushed aluminum front panel, the M1 presents a refined, minimalist face to the world. VALMONT FIREARMS lee enfield. Overall length 11". Customer ratings for US M1 Garand bayonet, long version. 5" - 7" length. Garand labored for the U. Armynavysales.
Marking letters are 1/16" tall and just over 0.003" deep. Buyers must consider this in their bidding. Marking will not appear on antique firearms imported from Canada. • Checkout and pickup at our...
The Lee Enfield No.4 Mk 1! I had a blast doing this one the receiver is just soo cool in my opinion. Lee Enfield No.4 Mk 1. Here is an model I finished a pretty long time ago that i can finally show!
Lee Enfield Firing Pin Parts Find your Lee Enfield firing pin and restore your Lee Enfield No1 Mark III with our stainless steel and titanium firing pins. Made in the USA to exact specifications by fellow firearm enthusiasts with 50+ years of engineering design experience.
It was also tested against the Mad Mullah in Somaliland, and after some modification emerged as the Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mark II in 1907. It was an excellent weapon and although slightly less accurate than its predecessor it has certain compensating advantages, notably its easy breech mechanism which allowed a fast rate of manipulation.
In Quartered Safe Out Here: A Recollection of the War in Burma (HarperCollins, 1993, pbk HarperCollins, London, 2000, ISBN 0 00 710593 2), pp.29-30, he recalls:- 'The standard arm was the most beautiful firearm ever invented, the famous Lee Enfield, either of the old pattern with flat backsight and long sword bayonet, or the Mark IV [he means ...
Restoring .303 Lee Enfield No1 MKIII ShtLE « on: March 01, 2009, 21:53:45 » I have a 1943 Lee Enfield that has been sporterized and im lookin at restoring to military style. im just wonder roughly how much it would cost around. pictures will be posted later.
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  • Jan 28, 2006 · Two days ago I bought an Enfield No.1 Mk.3 SHT.LE and from what I can figure out, it seems mine was made in Lithgow, Australia in 1920. It seems that the numbers all match (butt, bolt, bolt housing, and muzzle guard) but there are some other numbers and markings that are more mysterious.
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  • Feb 02, 2011 · Now for an interesting one. Where are all our Lee Enfield experts? I bought this one years ago out of my grandfather's estate and the markings are as follow: Under a crown, GR under that BSA Co under that 1918 under that Sht LE under that 111* Two questions, what is the GR and why do some have SMLE and others Sht LE markings?
  • Dec 10, 2019 · poor sights. After testing, further refinements were made to the weapon, resulting in the Lee-Enfield Mark I in 1895. The name combined James Lee’s design with the Royal Small Arms Factory’s ...
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1917 BSA Enfield No1 Mk3 ShtLE Rifle – Nice clean Rifle. Very nice bore, shiny with good rifling. Receiver and bolt numbers match. Arsenal finished/repaired stock. Knox TN import mark. Overall good...

Enfield 1922 Shtle - Bolt Action - serial 6425...more. Bayonet - British Enfield - 1907 Military...more.
All steel, no gunsmith scope mount for British Lee Enfield .303 No4 Mk1, 2 and No 5 Mk1, also known as Jungle Carbine. Unlike other poorly made aluminum mounts that are held by only 2 small set screws, this steel mount is held by a strong steel wedge. The wedge mechanism makes this steel mount extremely stable and is guaranteed to hold zero. The rifle is "EY" marked on the receiver ring and knox form. This mark indicates that the rifle is not to be fired using ball ammunition, "except in an emergency". There are several reasons why that mark may be there. It may have been inspected and downgraded for safety reasons. Mk.

Dec 15, 2020 · Stock has worn finish showing scratches & handling marks. Dark bore w/ worn rifling. (20-2845/DS) 3) LEE ENFIELD MARK III*. Cal. 303 Brit. S# 5271. Bbl. 23 1/2" w/out sights. Bushnell Banner 3-9x40 gloss finished scope w/ standard crosshairs on Williams side mt. Socket is marked w/ crown over "GR / 1918 / SHTLE / III*".

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